Stories of Strength, Hope & Love – Love, Bonito

2021 年 10 月 31 日

Love, Bonito在每年乳癌防治月都會進行人物專訪,今年台灣年輕病友協會理事長潘怡伶(Minapan)受邀擔任台灣抗癌鬥士代表,與全球 #LBCommunity 分享關於米娜的人生故事❤️


Q:How has it changed you, the roles you play, and your life in general? 

Mina:A healthy person becomes a cancer patient. For this reason, I got a chance to think of what I really want in life and started to try out all kinds of things.

Ever since I was diagnosed with cancer, I used my own experience to help women who’re on a similar journey by forming an association on Facebook. We have served over 3,000 breast cancer patients so far. Meanwhile, I’ve been hosting a podcast and many events, wishing to spread the importance of breast cancer awareness through different touchpoints.」



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